Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't covered here, please email me at

Why choose ALArms Photography?

When choosing a photographer for you and your senior, it can be difficult, as there are many different photographers with as many different styles. Most photographers have a certain style and approach to their art. It's important for you to make sure that I have a style as well as prices that fit what you are looking for. Please take a look through my galleries to get a feel for the kind of images you can expect from ALArms Photography. I strive to offer my clients an enjoyable, relaxed and most importantly, fun session that focuses on you and your personality. I only schedule one to two sessions per week, to ensure you get the best possible attention to detail. The result will be memories and portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime because they are true to you.

Where are you located OR Where do you shoot?

I do not currently have a studio and I like natural light photography so the simple answer is outside, which creates lots of possibilities so think of your favorite spot where the sun is shining, where you can find comfort under a nice shade tree, this could be in a park or even in your backyard; as long as natural lighting is accessible.

Included: all of Jefferson County, Bullitt County

Some suggested spots are:
Iroquois Park/Amphitheatre
Joe Creason Park
McNeely Lake
Bernheim Forest ($5 entrance fee to the park)

Do you photograph weddings?

I do not photograph weddings. However I am for hire as a second shooter and have many years of experience as such. text me!! 502-435-2066

What is the best way to book a session with you?

Text me at 502-435-2066 OR Simply go to the "contact me" section of this site or send me an email at let me know when you are thinking about for your senior session and some days you are interested in, I typically shoot late evenings and mostly on the weekends. I will be in contact within 24 hours . Once a date is confirmed, we’ll start planning your portrait session!

What form of payments do you accept?

I currently accept cash, check or credit cards as well as paypal. You may make checks payable to Amanda Arms.

A personal check is acceptable form of payment; however there are a few guidelines when paying with a personal check or electronic check through paypal.

FOR CHECK PAYMENT OF SESSION FEE the transaction will have to be completed BEFORE the session date, this usually takes 3-4 days to fully post to the account so you should keep this in mind when paying with checks for session date.

FOR CHECK PAYMENT OF PACKAGE OPTIONS the transaction will have to be completed BEFORE the order to the professional printing lab is made, this usually takes 3-4 days to fully post to the account so you should keep this in mind and understand the delay when paying with a check for print packages.

RETURNED CHECKS there will be a fee for return checks of $35.00 in addition to any OTHER banking fees that may be incurred.

Can I pay you during the session?

ALL sessions shall be paid in full before the session date; payments made the day of session are acceptable as well and should be considered a non-refundable appointment fee. For larger session amounts, smaller increment payment plans will be considered upon request but still must be paid in full before the session date or delivery of product. If you would like to request a payment arrangement please contact me

What happens if it rains/snows on our shoot?

Because most of my sessions are done on location using natural light, sessions may have to be rescheduled if the weather is questionable. Should this happen, I will contact you right away, and will work with you to either go ahead and “try” the session or find another time to reschedule. Snow is not a problem unless the roads are icy or covered and are slick. Snow sessions ARE available however if other businesses are closed or canceling then we will make a decision based on what all parties are comfortable with. There are no additional fees for re-schedules that are due to weather or reasons beyond our control. I am always in touch with you a few days before your session date to confirm details and location so if you have concerns just let me know at that time.

My child has a scratch on his face. Should l reschedule?

(Minor) Retouching of scratches, blemishes, red blotches, etc. is included in your portrait session fee. However, if your child has a serious cut or bruise, we may need to reschedule; should this happen, please contact me as soon as possible.

I would like to see the other photos that were taken at my session.

I am sorry, I don't offer this option.

During a typical session, I take over 100 photos. Out of the 100, I choose the very best poses with the best lighting, the best smiles, and the best sparkling eyes. For a FULL session it is usually somewhere between 10 to 30 photos depending on how many different poses there were. Generally I try to take 3 to 5 clicks of each pose, to make sure I get a great one. Sometimes, there was movement or someone had their eyes closed or my exposure or focus was off, maybe the lighting wasn't as great as I thought it was or maybe it just looked awkward after getting it on my computer; so if you remember a pose that we did and you didn't see it in your proof session, more than likely it was because of one of the aforementioned reasons.

Trust my judgment and the fact that you have hired me to capture you or your family and understand that I am not going to put anything but my BEST for public viewing.

What is a digital image?

This is an electronic copy of your photo in which you receive the hi- resolution or original sized image via PASS.

Do you offer a CD of my photos?

CDs are no longer offered at ALArms Photography, however when you order your digital images you will receive them digitally on a site called PASS.

Can I post images from my session on facebook?

Of course you can! If you have purchased the digital files they are yours to post in your online galleries. I only ask that you give me credit for the images and post "ALArms photography alongside your uploaded images or album. Generally I will post 1 – 5 “sneak” images to facebook and tag you so that they will appear on your wall. If you would like to use this image from the sneak peek as your profile photo, please be sure to give credit and do not alter the image or crop the watermark (logo or web address).These images are watermarked and not suitable for printing.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Absolutely! Photography is a wonderful gift to give anyone. Contact me to order yours today!

What do you shoot with?

Nikon D7000
70 - 300 mm zoom lens
18 - 105 mm zoom lens
50mm 1.8 portrait lens