Senior Representative Information:

The Time Is NOW!
This is YOUR time!

Photos of Senior Rep Cards
Photos of Senior Rep Cards Photos of Senior Rep Cards


You must be a Junior or Senior of a local public or private high school with an outgoing personality and a substantial GPA being involved in your school through activities or associations and/or the community.

 You must not make negative or nasty comments or remarks of any kind about other photographers’ works or their personal creative opinions or anyone for that matter.

 You must be willing to encourage peers to "like" ALArms Photography fan page on Facebook, follow me on twitter and view the website for pricing details as well as frequently asked questions. If someone asks you a question that you don't know, please don't guess, please send them to my site or have them email or call me.

 You must be willing to communicate regularly with ALArms Photography by email, text, phone etc. about how the program is going, your progress and for replacement business cards—if necessary.

 You must have a Facebook/Twitter profile and agree to use it for marketing, additionally making your profile photo and/or cover photo one from our sessions for the duration of your senior year.

 You have to agree to ONLY represent ALArms Photography and put in a 100% genuine effort toward the success of ALArms Photography, in turn earning credits toward your products. (The ONLY exception is if you would like to do traditional formal pose from your yearbook photographer you may, as I do not offer "drape" photos)

*What is it?*

What is it?

It’s called The Model/Rep shoot because this is the session I will be using to create rep cards for you to hand out to your friends. This session is AT NO CHARGE as a thank you for helping me promote my senior photography and you being one of this years “fresh faces”. I also have another “thank you” gift… more about that later!

Who is it?

The Model/Rep shoot will include all of this years selected reps and models. Models are generally Juniors and selected from Jefferson and Bullitt Counties public and private schools; So we will have different school reps, usually no more than two per school. Styles will vary as well as personalities, it is required that reps remain cordial during the shoot, even if another participant is not well liked by your or your peers, if you can not do this I will ask you to terminate your rep agreement. ALArms Photography does not discriminate nor does it tolerate it’s representitives doing so.

Where is it?

The Model/Rep shoot will take place at a location of my choice, you will be able to select your location for your actual senior shoot.

When is it?

The Model/Rep shoot will take place in the spring, generally before the end of April of your Junior year so you have time to hand out those rep cards.

After the session it will take a week or two to get all your images edited and ready for viewing, I will then post some of them on my facebook client page and tag you in them. You can then tag your parents or friends in them as well as share them on your wall. Post them on your other social sites or blog or whatever you feel would help get your images seen. It is important to understand that you can not crop out my logo/watermark.
For an example: if you share to instagram and the square crop will not sure the full watermark please select another image to share on that site.

I will then make some rep cards for you - once those are in I will deliver, arrange a pick up time or mail them to you immediately. These personalized photo-business cards will have your photos from your sessions and are for you to pass out to all your Junior/Senior friends - For each person that books a session, pays the appointment fee and completes their session, you will get $10.00 CASH or $20.00 credit toward a print package, a la carte purchases or digital images purchase.

Your referrals MUST state that they were sent/referred by you at the time of booking to receive your credits as well as a discount on their session price, otherwise I will think they just found me by my website and have no CLUE that my awesome rep just got credit! You have to be a walking, talking marketing tool for ALArms Photography. You have to be willing to "get the word out" to all your friends, your mom and dad’s friends, and even some people you don't know like at your hair or tanning salon etc. The more hype you build the more involved you will become in the program.

SOOO your sitting there thinking, "this is a crazy good deal, what's the catch?"

There's no catch - just FUN and REWARDS! :o)

So go ahead and fill out the application, even if you're a junior this year!

Now it's time to fill out the application HERE.